About Us

PySAL is an open-source project designed to support spatial data science. It released under the modified BSD license.

PySAL’s development process is fully open, with all official repositories on our organizational account hosted on GitHub. The project is governed by a process of consensus. Developer meetings are held on the first Friday of the month. Notes of the meetings are posted.

All interactions between community members are covered by the PySAL Code of Conduct which establishes the expectations to build and support an open, collaborative, empathetic and inquisitive environment for community engagement.


PySAL was founded as a collaboration between Serge Rey and Luc Anselin in 2005. The first formal release of PySAL was July 2010 and the project has continued on a six-month release cycle since then. In 2018, PySAL was restructured as a meta-package that brings together a family of packages for spatial data science.

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