PySAL is an open-source project designed to support spatial data science. It released under the modified BSD license.

PySAL’s development process is fully open, with all official repositories on our organizational account hosted on GitHub. The project is governed by a process of consensus. Developer meetings are held on the first Friday of the month. Notes of the meetings are posted.

All interactions between community members are covered by the PySAL Code of Conduct which establishes the expectations to build and support an open, collaborative, empathetic and inquisitive environment for community engagement.


PySAL was founded as a collaboration between Serge Rey and Luc Anselin in 2005. The first formal release of PySAL was July 2010 and the project has continued on a six-month release cycle since then. In 2018, PySAL was restructured as a meta-package that brings together a family of packages for spatial data science.

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Core Developers

(in alphabetical order)

Pedro Amaral's avatar picture

Pedro Amaral

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
@pedrovma on GitHub

Luc Anselin's avatar picture

Luc Anselin

University of Chicago
@lanselin on GitHub

Dani Arribas-Bel's avatar picture

Dani Arribas-Bel

University of Liverpool
@darribas on GitHub

Renan Cortes's avatar picture

Renan Cortes

UC Riverside
@renanxcortes on GitHub

Martin Fleischmann's avatar picture

Martin Fleischmann

University of Liverpool
@martinfleis on GitHub

James Gaboardi's avatar picture

James Gaboardi

Penn State University
@jGaboardi on GitHub

Wei Kang's avatar picture

Wei Kang

UC Riverside
@weikang9009 on GitHub

Elijah Knaap's avatar picture

Elijah Knaap

UC Riverside
@knaaptime on GitHub

Ziqi Li's avatar picture

Ziqi Li

Arizona State University
@Ziqi-Li on GitHub

Stefanie Lumnitz's avatar picture

Stefanie Lumnitz

University of British Columbia
@slumnitz on GitHub

Taylor Oshan's avatar picture

Taylor Oshan

University of Maryland
@tayloroshan on GitHub

Serge Rey's avatar picture

Serge Rey

UC Riverside
@sjsrey on GitHub

Hu Shao's avatar picture

Hu Shao

@shaohu on GitHub

Philip Stephens's avatar picture

Philip Stephens

Arizona State University
@pastephens on GitHub

Ran Wei's avatar picture

Ran Wei

UC Riverside
@rwei5 on GitHub

Levi Wolf's avatar picture

Levi Wolf

University of Bristol
@ljwolf on GitHub

Alumni Core Developers

(in alphabetical order)

Matthew Conway's avatar picture

Matthew Conway

Arizona State University
@mattwigway on GitHub

Carson Farmer's avatar picture

Carson Farmer

University of Colorado
@carsonfarmer on GitHub

David C. Folch's avatar picture

David C. Folch

Northern Arizona University
@dfolch on GitHub

Myunghwa Hwang's avatar picture

Myunghwa Hwang

Arizona State University
@myunghwa on GitHub

Marynia Kolak's avatar picture

Marynia Kolak

University of Chicago
@Makosak on GitHub

Jay Laura's avatar picture

Jay Laura

@jlaura on GitHub

Charles Schmidt's avatar picture

Charles Schmidt

@schmidtc on GitHub

Sizhe Wang's avatar picture

Sizhe Wang

Arizona State University
@sa9us on GitHub