title: ‘GeospatIal Distribution DYnamics (giddy) in PySAL’ —

Giddy is an open-source python library for the analysis of dynamics of longitudinal spatial data. Originating from the spatial dynamics module in PySAL (Python Spatial Analysis Library), it is under active development for the inclusion of many newly proposed analytics that consider the role of space in the evolution of distributions over time and has several new features including inter- and intra-regional decomposition of mobility association and local measures of exchange mobility in addition to space-time LISA and spatial markov methods.




Documentation Status


This package is part of a refactoring of PySAL.


Online documentation is available here.

giddy modules

  • giddy.directional Directional LISA, inference and visualization
  • giddy.markov Spatially explicit Markov methods
  • giddy.mobility Mobility indices
  • giddy.rank Spatial decomposition of exchange mobility measure


Install giddy by running:

$ pip install giddy


PySAL-giddy is under active development and contributors are welcome.

If you have any suggestion, feature request, or bug report, please open a new issue on GitHub. To submit patches, please follow the PySAL development guidelines and open a pull request. Once your changes get merged, you’ll automatically be added to the Contributors List.


The project is licensed under the BSD license.

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NSF Award #1421935 New Approaches to Spatial Distribution Dynamics