Date Summary
2019-07-08 A PySAL workshop will be held at SciPy 2019 in Austin, Texas, on July 8, 2019.
2019-06-22 PySAL is now a NumFOCUS affilated project.
2019-05-22 spaghetti 1.3 released on PyPI and conda-forge. This is the first version that officially supports Python 3.6 and 3.7 exclusively.
2019-05-11 spaghetti (1.2) now available via conda-forge.
2019-04-08 Release of giddy 2.1.0 featuring the addition of two rank-based Markov classes for spatial distribution dynamics research.
2019-03-03 PySAL is participating in Google Summer of Code under the Python Organization GSOC.
2019-02-27 Third stable release of spaghetti (1.2).
2019-02-15 A PySAL workshop will be held at FOSS4G in San Diego, on April 19, 2019.
2019-01-31 First stable release of PySAL 2.0 as a meta-package.
2018-10-31 Second stable release of spaghetti (1.1.1.post3) since PySAL refactoring together with new website.
2018-10-31 First stable release of pointpats (2.0.0) since PySAL refactoring together with the launch of the pointpats documentation website!
2018-10-28 mapclassify 2.0.1 released with new mapclassify documentation website!
2018-10-27 libpysal 4.0.1 released and we are also launching the libpysal documentation website.
2018-09-28 mgwr 2.0.1 released and we are also launching the mgwr documentation website.
2018-11-07 A PySAL Workshop was be held at 65th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, San Antonio, Texas.
2018-08-26 giddy 2.0.0 released.
2018-08-25 esda 2.0.0 released.
2018-08-24 spreg 1.0.4 released.
2018-08-22 libpysal 4.0.0 released.
2018-08-10 mapclassify 2.0.0 released.